• Our Response To COVID-19

  • We continue to follow strict sanitation and disinfecting practices, as we did even before COVID.  The practice of limiting our reception area to our patients only, except in the case of a minor or patient who requires a caregiver, will be a kept policy.  In these instances, one individual per appointment time is permissible.  This reduces the contact with high touch areas and exposure to any other possible communicable viruses to provide a healthy and safe environment for our patients and employees.  Our recent renovation design placed partitions at the reception area and the treatment rooms to safeguard against any future epidemics that may come our way.  Our HVAC also has a UV light and filtration that cleans and filters the air.  We monitor the CDC incidence of positivity in the areas of our patient family, and adjust accordingly to take any further necessary precautions. As always, we ask that any patient who is ill or exhibits any COVID related symptoms to not enter the premises and reschedule when they are recovered and no longer contagious.


    Dr Tracie C Starling and her team