• Extractions

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  • Our trained professionals at Starling Family Dentistry know that extractions can be an intimidating dental procedure for a patient. That’s why we take extra strides to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

    Dentists are well equipped to remove many types of teeth. Tooth extractions that are more complicated - like ones involving impacted wisdom teeth, multiple curved roots, or severely broken down teeth - require the expertise of an oral surgeon. Extractions are common and most can be done in our office with local anesthesia. If general anesthesia is necessary, you will be referred to an oral surgeon.

    In some cases of implant placement, the extraction will be done by the specialist, who positions the root replacement part of an implant, so that any necessary bone augmentation for the implant site can be done at the same time.

    Starling Family Dentistry uses the most modern techniques to ensure that tooth extractions are done as safely and comfortably as possible.

    Wisdom Teeth Removal

    Many people don’t have enough space in their mouths for their third molars. Since these teeth do not emerge until later in life - generally between the ages of 17 and 25 - they are commonly referred to as wisdom teeth.

    It is best to pay attention early on to wisdom teeth to ensure they do not cause overcrowding or pain. Diagnostic radiography - like taking images with X-rays - along with regular dental visits can help keep track of the movement of wisdom teeth to determine if they need to be removed.

    Removing selected erupted wisdom teeth since 1994, you can be confident that Starling Family Dentistry will pay close attention to your jaw and dental movement. If your wisdom teeth are impacted at the necessary time of removal, Dr. Starling has oral surgeons whom she has entrusted since 1994 to refer her patients to in order to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.  These same specialists have provided similar care for her own family, staff and staff’s family.  We like to maintain active conversations with our patients regarding the steps that can be taken to ensure their smiles look great, perform optimally, and remain healthy.

    How will it feel?

    Starling Family Dentistry provides anesthetic options depending on the patient and type of procedure being performed.

    Our patients are made as comfortable as possible with local anesthesia and nitrous oxide if they so choose.

    The safety and comfort of our patients is our highest priority. All options will be discussed in detail prior to treatment to make sure you are as pain free and comfortable as possible throughout the procedure and during recovery.

    How do I know if I need an extraction?

    The best way to determine if you need to have any extraction procedures done is to make an appointment with Dr. Starling.

    A typical dental visit includes a visual examination of your mouth and jaw in which Dr. Starling may be able to determine if oral surgery is needed. Digital X-ray imaging will be done to inspect potential problems that are not visible on the surface.

    Call us at (352) 473-9090 to schedule a dental appointment to determine if oral surgery is right for you.